Master Mantak Chia - Milan, Italy

Master Mantak Chia returns to Italy, in Milan from 8 to 14 May 2020.

Special prices for registrations made before January 15, 2020 and facilities for groups, families and those who have already participated in the courses in Verbania 2019

Tao Academy is born

After the organization of the workshop of Master Mantak Chia again in Italy after 20 years, we thought of a study path to allow everyone to continue to deepen the knowledge of Healing Tao.

Study proposals

Master Yourself – Inner alchemy

Healing Love

Workshop Mantak Chia Italy 2020

Master Mantak Chia returns to Italy from 8 to 14 May 2020 in Milan

Introduction of Mantak Chia to the inner alchemy Verbania, 19/04/2019

Introduction of Mantak Chia to the inner alchemy Verbania, 19/04/2019 Article by Valeria De Laurentis The evening in Verbania is quiet, the water caresses the shores of Lake Maggiore, protected by the mountain ranges that embrace it all around. It is the 18:30 of...

The Tao principles for health, energy and vitality.

As promised, here is the video summary of the mini-course that we held in Chieti, at the bookstore De Luca, last November 23: "Health, energy and vitality through the Tao." In the video we briefly explained the 3 key principles of health, energy and vitality according...

Universal Tao Experiences: Silvio

Story curated by Silvio, Rho (Milan) For a few months I have been experimenting with the practices of Healing Tao (the 6 sounds of well-being and the microcosmic orbit just started). I state that I'm 69 years old and the main motivation that prompted me to...

Fasting: purification or masochism?

The practice of fasting, both as a tool of physical and mental rebalancing and as a means of purification and penance in the mystical-religious sphere, still remains a certain distrust, remaining a subject discussed and little known. In the Tao is considered a...

The six healing sounds

Article by Angela Chirico, Universal TAO Certified Instructor. Every organ of the human body is associated with an element present in nature and from which everything derives. What we see, feel, think, touch, perceive is given by the interaction of these...

What is the Qi, the vital energy and where it comes from.

Read the article in English: from the book of Mantak Chia "Awaken Healing Energy". Title of the book in Italian: "Tao Yoga of Cosmic energy. The awakening of the therapeutic light of Tao "Mediterranean...

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