Hello everyone.

I’m Angela Chirico instructor of Universal Tao since 2013, practising since 2003.

I love the practices of inner alchemy and the teaching method of master Mantak Chia, clear, simple and functional.

I joyfully lead groups of people and individuals to deepen the study of personal awareness.

Contact us to be informed about the various possibilities of study together.

Hi, my name is Gillian

I am a Universal Healing Tao Instructor in Veneto (Italy), Cavallino Treporti. Of Anglo-Jamaican origin, I have lived in Italy for many years. My journey with Tao practices began 30 years ago with Chi Gong and Tai Chi. I am lucky enough to spend the winters in Tao Garden – Thailand where I became a Certified Instructor and participate in the community created by master Mantak Chia. I continue to deepen my studies and share practices as a personal coach, I organize lectures and seminars in Italy and the United Kingdom.

Together with my colleagues from Universal Tao Italy we will take care of you during the online practices with Maestro Mantak Chia.

I will be one of your translators.

We look forward 😊

Hi, I’m Gisella Valdemarin.

I’m a psychologist, yoga teacher and holistic therapist.

I study in Thailand traditional massage techniques and different types of energy therapies. I created Kundalini Tribal Yoga, and currently I dedicate myself to the teaching and practice of holistic disciplines and Curative Tao in combination with psychological skills and techniques. In addition I work on the development of Psycho-yoga and Psycho Corporeal counseling.


My name is Marina. I live near Milan. I like music and traveling, often with my RV. I have been studying the practices of Master Mantak Chia since 2003 and have been a Certified Instructor since 2013/2014. I teach Healing Tao to adults of all ages and also with a path suitable for children.