Our culture.


Why do we exist?

Our mission is to increase the awareness of people and the connection with the source of life, in Italy and in the world, through the teaching of the Tao, as transmitted by the tradition of Master Mantak Chia.


What do we want to accomplish in the world?

Through the work of our association, we want to contribute to realize a world of conscious people living in harmony and synergy.


The basics that describe our identity and guide our actions


We believe that everyone is responsible for his life and results. We believe in the law of cause and effect that creates our life. We believe that making excuses, complaining or claiming from others is a deviation from the truth. We believe that a group of responsible people is a powerful group, while a group of irresponsible people is a weak group, which will soon cease to be. We believe in a group in which everyone assumes their responsibility, solves the problems, brings energy into the organization, makes positive and innovative proposals and accomplishes the actions to manifest them in Reality.


We believe in Generosity. We believe in people participating in a group to give, not to Receive. And we believe in the universal Truth whereby, in life, what we give we receive (and often not from the same people: and this is a subtle difference of which we are strongly aware).


We respect the word Given. We do what we say and say only what we do.

Smile, Joy, Fun.

We believe that the smile and the genuine fun are the pure expression of the divine in Us. We work joyfully and strive to spread joy in the world. We are convinced that joy and smile create health and happiness.


We strive to maintain the purity of the roots and lineage of the millenarian teaching of Tao.
We believe in transmitting taoist knowledge and practices, as we have received from Master Mantak Chia, with clarity and truth.

Team Work.

We believe in Teamwork. We believe the team is more than the sum of its members. We believe in a team of independent and interdependent people, who share deep values and in which each undertakes to realize the common Vision. We believe that if people act together with a pure heart, they can achieve any goal.
We believe that the best results are achieved when everyone uses his strengths to contribute to the group.


At the heart of the taoist teaching is respect for ourselves and for the other, for our freedom, for our uniqueness, for our intrinsic inner beauty. We believe in respect for the master, in respect for our peers, in respect for our pupils and in the healthy respect for ourselves.

Truth, Honesty, Legality.

We transmit the teachings with truth, just as we were sent.
We believe in truth as a way of freedom and true success.
We are incorporated into society and we respect the laws.

Passion, enthusiasm and competence.

We believe that people who have passion and competence can improve the world. We want to contribute to the growth of people and we do it with joy and Enthusiasm.
We believe that personal growth is one of the most important motions in life.
We strive to constantly improve ourselves and our technical skills through common practices, experiments, knowledge sharing, periodic meetings and connection with Master Mantak Chia and Universal Healing Tao.

Humility and Self-confidence.

We believe that there is a power greater than individual people, a power that embraces us and encompasses All. We believe that humility is the right perception of this Reality.
We’re ready to listen to each other and change if we’re wrong.
We are also ready to stand firm in our values and our choices, if we know we are right.
We believe in people who are willing to precede the true common good to their own apparent self-interest.
We know that the balanced combination of humility and self-confidence is the yin-yang key to success.

Kindness and Non-violence.

We believe in the truth that men are born free and equal and that people should treat each other with love and kindness, especially in the most difficult situations.
Violence for us is not an option: neither in acts, nor in words, nor in Thoughts.
We believe that non-violence and peace stimulate the pursuit of creative and loving solutions.
We are convinced that violence, in every form, is not part of the soul: harmony, kindness and peace are manifestations of the soul and of our true Nature.


We believe that everyone in life is free to follow his path and make his choices.
We accept this truth, escaping judgment and Attachment.
The Taoist also conceives freedom as independence: he learns to cultivate his energy in order not to be subordinate to any; and cultivates it to the extent that it can contribute to the best with its talents to the common Good.

Clarity and Transparency.

We are committed to communicating with clarity and transparency. Know that the unspoken and the ambiguous ruin the Relations. We want to have lasting and successful relationships and we are committed to keeping them alive.
We know that judging others, even in our own minds, creates barriers and misunderstandings among people. We are committed to solving misunderstandings or misunderstandings in person, with clarity, truth and Transparency.
We speak and act in the same way in the private as in the public, without secrets or half-truths, with total coherence and transparency.


We embrace the Tao principle that every improvement is gradual. The Tai Chi teaches us not to lift a foot, if we are not stationary and rooted on the other Foot. And we know that this is how Taoist life and growth proceed: gradually, one step at a time, one foot in front of the Other.

Simplicity and Focus.

We believe in simple, not Overall.
We believe that when you focus on a few clear goals you will get great Results.


We are aware that maybe no one in this world is Perfect. We accept people as they are.
We are committed to understanding ourselves and understanding Others.
We focus our minds on understanding and reality, not judgment or Condemnation.
We see feedback, positive or negative, as a tool for Growth. We will deliver it with love and kindness. We welcome it with openness and attention.