Introduction of Mantak Chia to the inner alchemy Verbania, 19/04/2019

Article by Valeria De Laurentis

The evening in Verbania is quiet, the water caresses the shores of Lake Maggiore, protected by the mountain ranges that embrace it all around.

It is the 18:30 of April 19th, and in the large Lake View Hall of the Grand Hotel Majestic you can breathe an atmosphere of expectation and excitement. The space begins to fill with people from every part of Italy and from every corner of the globe to meet Mantak Chia, a Taoist master for more than forty-five years.

Author of more than 60 books published in several languages, the Thai master has been nominated for the Qigong Master of the Year twice and is still considered one of the 100 most influential and known spiritual leaders in the world (18th place in The Watkins Review 2012).

For the past half century Mantak Chia teaches and disseminates the practices of Universal Tao, after at least 10 years back in Italy bringing with him this ancient practice, born in China several thousand years ago.

He makes his entrance, on perfect time, at 19:00 and immediately enchants the guests with his cordial manners and a gentle smile.

We welcome and introduce the theme of the evening: return to the wisdom of the body and emotional wisdom, learning to master practices based on inner alchemy.

But what will this “inner alchemy” ever be?

To explain it Mantak Chia resorted to its history.

“I was born and raised in a Christian family. That’s part of my personal story. The education I received led me to judge some emotions as negative and wrong, as derived from the devil. But I always wondered where the devil is? So where is the devil I just do not know, but what I know is that in life there is positive and negative. And so also in the Tao there is positive and negative. And these two concepts have nothing to do with the concepts of right and wrong, but it is essential that they are balanced between them. In the Tao until the emotions become destructive is all right, the problem is that not knowing what to do it is likely to suppress them until they explode. Practices based on inner alchemy allow us to change our internal energy from negative to positive to create balance. “

The key to the “wisdom of the Body” lies in being able to get back inside us. We’re used to watching what’s happening outside, around us, but if we start expanding our inward awareness rather than outwardly, then, according to Mantak Chia, we will be able to reconnect to our “emotional wisdom”. In this way you naturally perceive how everything was created, to recognize the “primordial force”, the “true Light” and the “true sound” of the universe.

The bad and the good are built with beliefs. When it comes to negative and positive, instead, we talk about Ying and Yang, both, as night and day, equally necessary in the right measure.

No one can be a perfect person, it is beyond what can be termed “human”. What you can and must do instead is to find a balance. If one understands how to move the energies within us, it is possible to transform them and to “recycle” the negative energies that alter our equilibrium.

The Tao simply teaches this, and master Mantak Chia in this cycle of encounters has shared with us some practices and basics.

Who am I

From the Faculty of ancient Letters to the Holden school.

Traveler with no sense of direction, I take many photographs to remember the places where I lost myself. Aspiring writer and dreamer by profession, I have been passionate about meditation since I was sixteen years old, I live in hyperuranium and I find myself well.

Valeria graduated in “Old letters” at the University of Padua with 107/110.

He studied for 7 years in Success University with Alessandro Mature, trainer and international coach and Universal Healing Tao certified Instructor. After the training course, she became a professional coach.

Valeria has learned, among other teachings, the practices of the Tao of health and energy, integrating them in her life and in her personal and professional growth.