Hosting a Master like Mantak Chia is a great opportunity for growth and evolution for many people and for the places where the event takes place.

The energy of a master involves people and places indistinctly, bringing positive qualities and development stimuli, both interior and exterior.
We know that the best results are achieved when a group of people, unified by common values and intent, move in the same direction.

For this reason we are open to the contribution of those who want to bring value in order to make the event with the Master Chia the best possible.

Below you will find some indications on how you can collaborate with us and also some benefits of which who will be part of the staff will come to enjoy.

We thank you for any sincere help you want to contribute to the success of the event.

The staff of Universal Tao Italy

Mantak Chia in Italy


In the pre-course phase, the best support to give will be to inform people about the existence of the event with Maestro Mantak Chia. Inform them about who the Master Chia is and what it represents. Inform them, again, about the logistics and the details of the courses. You can do this through your personal or professional knowledge, through online channels or even by organizing small or large conferences to present the event. Any further creative and effective mode is well-accepted:-)

Every 5 people that you involve in participating in the courses, we reserve you 1 bonus ticket of the type of course purchased. For example, if 10 people sign up for the basic course thanks to your speech, you will get 2 bonus tickets for the basic course entrance. You can use these tickets for yourself or for others you want to invite.
Send us an email to report the names of the participants you have involved and to receive the bonus tickets.

If you are a certified instructor of Universal Healing Tao and you are registered or enrolled in the Universal Tao Italy Association, collaborating in this respect, you will have the following benefits:

  • You will be chosen as a member of the support and assistance staff in the room during the course. Staff members will be identified with T-shirts that will be provided by the association. Which will also give you the opportunity to introduce yourself as an instructor from the people present.

  • You will be chosen to guide the exercises of chi kung in the Morning (7 a.m.: 00-8.00) on one of the course days. And this will also give you the opportunity to introduce yourself as an instructor from the people present.

  • Being part of the support and assistance staff, you will be able to participate in the dinner that Master Mantak Chia proposed to do together with him on the penultimate evening of the course, on April 24, 2019.

A further way to help the organization will be to make a money donation to the association to support the expenses of organizing the event.

If you have new and different ideas to collaborate with us in the success of the event, let us know as soon as possible: we are open to innovative contributions.

Contact us if you decide to cooperate and, of course, for any clarification.

Our mail is: