The six healing sounds

by | Mar 4, 2019 | Master Yourself

Article by Angela Chirico,
Universal TAO Certified Instructor.

Every organ of the human body is associated with an element present in nature and from which everything derives.

What we see, feel, think, touch, perceive is given by the interaction of these elements within us and around us:
water, earth, fire, wood and metal constantly combine to give life to the infinite aspects of creation, which we live day by day.
Taoist yogic knowledge and other traditions, for millennia know the interaction between the wellbeing of the vital organs and theharmony of the experiences in nature.
The six healing sounds clean, detoxify, charge and harmonize vital organs: lungs, heart, liver, kidneys, stomach, intestines.
The organs so cleansed and energized, spontaneously emit more positive and refined vibrations, combining in a harmonious way the element water, wood, fire, earth and metal (or Air) inside the body:many dynamics of daily life Improve.
now, You just have to go to practice: practicing with the six healing sounds.
Have fun and Workout.
Enjoy and Good Luck.

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