As promised, here is the video summary of the mini-course that we held in Chieti, at the bookstore De Luca, last November 23: “Health, energy and vitality through the Tao.”

In the video we briefly explained the 3 key principles of health, energy and vitality according to the Tao:

  1. The abundance of energy creates health. The shortage of energy creates the disease.
  2. The circulation of energy creates health. The stagnation of the energy creates the disease.
  3. The balance of energy creates health. The imbalance of the energy creates the disease.

We then demonstrated how to root the body on the ground through Chi Kung.

The practitioner of Chi Kung that roots on the ground can withstand external pressures.

These pressures are primarily physical pressures.

A public boy, taller and physically strong than me, was called to participate in the experiment. Before the rooting, through the pressure of two arms, he could bend my arm without any particular effort. Once the rooting was applied, he could no longer bend my arm, even though he was striving much more than before.

What happened? What made the difference?

The difference was determined by the application of the grounding technique and the alignment of the body taught to me by Maestro Mantak Chia many years ago.

Aligning the physical body and the energy in it allows us to achieve these results. And it allows us to resist, in addition to physical pressures, even the psychological pressures that everyday life presents us.

In the Tao we are explained that the body and the mind respond to the same laws, because body and mind are in essence the sessa thing: they are energy. I answer only to different energetic frequencies, thinner for the mind, more coarse for the body. But the laws of energy are the same. And by applying these laws, which the Tao teaches us, we can get the result of having a solid and healthy body and a clear and calm mind.

The first step is to know the laws of Tao from a master who can transmit it.

The second step is to practice the teachings daily.

The results are guaranteed, as the teaching experience of the teacher Chia, which today lasts for more than 40 years, has shown.

By understanding and applying these simple and profound laws, we can thus create health and well-being in our lives.

It takes 10 minutes of practice a day to start experiencing the benefits of the Tao: more happiness, more balance, more calm, more inner peace, more concentration.

In the week of courses that will be held in Italy, Master Chia will teach:

-the basic practices of TAO, to increase health and vitality, to clarify the mind and emotions, to increase the amount of energy in the body, to circulate it and to balance it;

-the practices of love that care, to use the sexual energy to increase the health and vitality of the body, to increase the intimacy with the partner in sexual relations and in daily life;

-Chi Kung and Tai chi, to develop ground rooting, increase physical energy, align the body and learn to “resist” external, physical and psychological pressures.

The appointment is with the master Chia in Verbania from 19 to 25 April next.


Alessandro Maturo.



Alessandro is a lawyer in Italy from 2004.

He is an international trainer and coach, with background in the United States, Canada and the Orient, where he studied and practiced business, leadership, success, performance, management, spirituality, communication, change and personal growth.

Is Universal Healing TAO certified Instructor from 2002. He is currently country coordinator for Italy and president of Universal Tao Italy.