Story curated by Silvio, Rho (Milan)
For a few months I have been experimenting with the practices of Healing Tao (the 6 sounds of well-being and the microcosmic orbit just started). I state that I’m 69 years old and the main motivation that prompted me to start this practice is the pursuit of improvement of health, but also the fact that I totally share the philosophy that lies at the base… The emphasis on the energetic aspect (placed by Maestro Mantak Chia and the dearest Angela) is, in my opinion, the best synthesis that can be conceived in the life of us human beings but also of all the “created”.
The most personal result (after just over three months of practice although with small interruptions) is the drastic reduction of drugs especially analgesics (about 90 in less) that I took for various pains (cervical, osteoarthritis, etc…) and now replace with Simple automates and some external painkiller ointion… For me this is already a great result because those drugs (in high doses) really hurt me… It is obvious that I still have room for improvement and that I also hope to eradicate other ailments that still persist…
I can also say that I have achieved a sense of serenity and peace (which I had not had before), albeit in a discontinuous way at least for the moment, but also a greater internal awareness of my body. This too seems to me a good result from the physical-energetic point of view, since it has decreased that mental dispersion full of thoughts that have always nagging me in life and now I can tolerate/control more. A heartfelt thanks to Angela who is driving me in this pleasant business.
Have a nice day
Silvio S.