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Extracted from the book of Mantak Chia “Awaken Healing Energy”. Title of the book in Italian: “Tao Yoga of Cosmic energy. The awakening of the therapeutic light of Tao “Mediterranean editions.

Translation of this article by Angela Chirico

Who is the primordial force of life itself. It begins in human life with the fertilization of an egg from a sperm cell. From this original fusion, the enormous complex of a new human being develops. “Qi” is the continuous flow of energy that connects the various tissues, organs and brain functions in a unitary whole-a person. The “Qi” also connects this person to his or her environment.
The main channels of Qi, the flow of energy in the body, were discovered by essays, meditating on the human fetus within the womb. They observed that the child grows around the navel area of his mother and that, through the navel, the fetus absorbs the nutrients and expels waste.
The fetus literally “breathes” through the umbilical cord from the mother into its navel, down to the perineum and up to the head and then down again from the tongue to the navel. The point of the navel is then, said by the Taoists, the starting point for the flow of primordial vital energy, or “Chi”/”Qi”, and remains the point of greater accumulation and circulation of energy in the adult.
“Awakening the energy of healing through the Tao” is a method for an adult to return to that state of dynamic energy circulation that existed within the womb. In This sense esoteric Taoist meditation is a process of rebirth, a return to its original, primordial self. What happened after birth, which made us miss that original, perfect balance that was so nutritious and allowed to grow healthy?
After a child enters the world, his/her energy slowly “settles” into the hot and cold parts of the body.
In the fetus the energy “yin” and the energy “yang” was perfectly balanced in a sort of “lukewarm” mixture. But during the growth up to adulthood the heat or energy “yang” is gradually rising to the upper part of the body containing the vital organs such as the heart, the liver, the lungs and the brain. The cold or energy “yin” tends to settle in the legs, genitals, kidneys and lower abdomen.

As the age progresses, energy routes, which bring vital energy to our internal organs and allow them to function, become progressively more blocked by physical and mental tension. The result is general fatigue, weakness and poor health. A young man usually has enough energy to keep his channels less obstructed so that the force still flows. The organs are then fed and the body is healthy, or with few diseases.
But if we are not living healthily and practicing to keep the energy channels open, these will gradually close and cause emotional imbalances, illnesses and early retirement.

The perfect flow of energy, which amused us as children, was not sent away by the daily stress of life. By simply restoring the same strong flow of energy (or Chi) lukewarm-energy mixed yin and yang-our vital organs will begin to shine with Radiant health. When this healing force of the Tao-the vital energy in its original, pure, undivided form-flows through our bodies, we find the exuberant energy and the rosy glow that we had as children. Our real task is only to “awaken” the inherent power of healing, which was once an accepted fact in our being.

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